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FUck everyone else

These movies are still the best things in the history of the world ever of all mankind in history.

SO great.

i love bad guys!

Good god

I seriously fuckin love you....

Badguys is the best series, (if you can call it that) on the internet. Better than tomorrows nobodies, better than synj's work. IT IS THE BEST!! perfect 10s everytime!

ChrisNosal responds:

Thanks you berry much.


HOly fucking ass crackers that rocked...perfect ten!


Those characters made everything seem childish. The tissues from the rectum stuff would have been funny if you just would have said it in a way to MAKE it funny. All around the humor seemed to be wasted by over acting in the audio section and really seemed to bring everything down to that of a cheesy movie that was almost unwatchable and embarrasing.


I dont care waht these other fuckfaces think, this movie rocks. I laughed most of the way through, and I dont care if your animations werent crisp or if your lip syncing was bad or WAHTEVER, I watched it and it entertained me and fUck anyone else who thinks differently....I love you

Oneity-EightThree responds:

You know what... Thank You. Finally somebody can find the humor in this one. People bitch and whine but what were we to do... this was a high school project so we couldn't use vulgarities and such. Thanks alot man!


The first animation in a long time that i can honestly say is unbelievably flawless....you fuckin rock.

excuse me?

Anyone who ever went to highschool can tell you "why" and for the people who are saying "Excellent portrayal of columbine", how the fuck do you know? you pompous fucktard......great animation, but deranged beyond repair....

Holy shit

**CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP** That was one of the most entertaining flash movies ive seen in a long long time. great job, i laughed my ass off.


Funniest thing ive seen in a long time. goood fuckin job man.

Hey I have a question...

WHY IS THIS ON THE FRONTPAGE!????!???? This Movie is a peice of shit....Its got the humor of an 8 year old and the art work of a 3 year old. SO WHY IS THIS ON THE FRONT PAGE?!

Hmmm, I suck. Do i care? Not really. Cause I could care less if the animation looks good, as long as you have originality and humor.

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